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We are a Bed Bug Division of A PEST 2 GO PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC – License #  93-024325-022041. We are insured & licensed for your pest control needs.

A pest infestation is something that no home or business owner wants to be forced to deal with. No matter how hard you try to keep these tiny insects out of your home, your efforts may be futile. If you are a frequent traveler, have a teenager who lives in a college dorm or constantly hospital sleepovers, you are at a higher risk than others who tend to stay at home. Bed bugs are notable for hitching rides with travelers, from the home to motel rooms or vice versa. Our pest management and bed bug control services are available to both commercial and residential establishments.

Bed Bug Removal in Milwaukee: How We Approach Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bug infestations require immediate attention, because one adult female can produce up to 200 eggs throughout her lifetime. Some people may not consider 200 eggs a major concern, but when you factor in innumerable females living in one colony, you will be concerned. Just a few females can produce a large number of eggs over a few days. This means a small infestation could turn into a major issue without warning.

We approach every bed bug infestation with an open mind and apply all of our skills and knowledge into combating the issue. The first step of the process will become with the victim contacting our office to schedule an appointment for a free in-home inspection. We are available seven days a week, so you will not be forced to delay finding a solution.

Treatment Evaluation for Bed Bugs: We Offer Free In-Home Inspections

As mentioned above, the home inspection is required to eradicate a bed bug infestation. The inspection process allows the technician to determine the severity of the infestation, find a solution and speak with the home or business owner. At the end of the inspection, the technician will offer the customer several treatment options. While some people will choose to delay treatment, because of the cost or time it takes to complete the treatment process, it will always be in your best interest to executive the treatment plan as soon as possible.

Remember, the longer you wait to initiate treatment, the more time the females will have to lay more eggs. If you are dealing with a minor bed bug infestation at the time of the inspection, by the end of next week the severity will continue to escalate until it is out of control. An infestation typically begins with one or two bed bugs and grows into hundreds and thousands if not treated properly.

Based Out Of Milwaukee, WI

Our company is happy to say that we’re locally based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We sincerely understand that there are tons of bed bug control companies in this city. Nevertheless, a lot of them are national or even international. Our company is not. We’re locally owned and operated to ensure that we’ll be able to provide the client with a more personal solution. Our team members are mostly from Milwaukee and the surrounding area. They’re always ready to help the local residents. They’ll rush to your location and greet you with a smile. Our team will always treat you like a member of the family.

We Ensure That You Save Money

Attempting to rid your house of roaches, rodents or bedbugs can be surprisingly expensive. This is undeniably true. However, you should remember that we can help. Some pest management companies will attempt to charge you outrageous fees. Our company will not. We actually care about our clients and we will do whatever is humanly possible to save you money along the way. We’ll take steps to ensure that you’re able to get the lowest price possible, even if that means you must go elsewhere.

Ask us for a free price estimation and we’ll deliver. We’re transparent and honest. We just want to provide the client with the best service at a bargain price.

Our affordable bed bug removal service is first-rate just ask our customers. We offer both non-chemical treatments and chemical options to get rid of bed bugs. Our top-rated pest control company and pest control experts have many years of combined experience in rodent control, pest infestation, bed bug removal, and bed bug treatments. Just ask our customers, they all will agree that our local pest control service is by far the most accessible in Milwaukee.

Our Rodent Exterminators

We employee some of the most skilled rodent exterminators, ant exterminators, and bed bug removal exterminators in the country. Our extermination team knows what it takes to eliminate bed bugs and what treatment kills specific household pests.

Every member of our commercial pest control team is certified and experienced. They are required to complete refreshment courses at least three times a year. These courses ensure our exterminators are on top of the latest technologies. All of our employees, including cockroach exterminator, bed bug removal exterminator, and rodent exterminator are required to attend these classes.

If you would like to meet our extermination team prior to your scheduled appointment, we can make this happen. As one of the 5-star rated pest control companies in Milwaukee, we are required by law to provide free cost guides, pest infestation quotes, and in-home inspections per consumer request.

We Strive To Bring Awareness To Milwaukee Bed Bugs Infestations

If you are unfamiliar with pest infestation, you can count yourself lucky. Thousands of pest sightings with bed bug eggs, a musty odor, sometimes a bed bugs bite are reported each year in Milwaukee. No home or business is 100% safe from common pests like bed bugs, rats, mice, termites, fleas, spiders, and ticks. Upon detection, we recommend seeking professional assistance as soon as possible. Delays will only escalate the problem.

There is a treatment option for every pest infestation. Whether it is a chemical spray or organic trap, there is an effective solution for every pest problem. We utilizes commercial-grade products and state-of-the-art equipment that kills bed bugs on contact.

We Recommend Competitor Comparison

We never recommend hiring an exterminator out of the blue. But, we do recommend a competitor comparison of several local exterminators. The comparison will help you determine which exterminators near Milwaukee are offering the best bang for your buck. Be sure to include our extermination company near Milwaukee WI in the comparison. Remember, we offer free quotes and in-home inspections.

We Keep You Safe

There are many different ways to eliminate bedbugs and rodents. Unfortunately, not all methods are safe and some aren’t even effective. The good news is that you’ve discovered us. We actually care about you and your family members. When you choose us, you will be able to rest assured knowing that we’ll get the job done right, while keeping you safe. Our company would never do anything that could potentially put you or your family in harm’s way. This is why we never use dangerous pesticides. If there is a possibility that a chemical spray could put your family in a risky situation, we will not use that chemical.

This is why we primarily utilize heat machines to eradicate bedbugs. We always have a safe solution for every possible scenario. Just remember that we’re here to help you.

We Work With You Every Step Of The Way

We get it. Each situation is unique and each client is different. Some clients may prefer that we carry out the procedure during the middle of the day. Others will want it done in the morning. We’re here to cater to each and every one of your unique needs. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the situation. Then, we’ll work with you closely every step of the way. We’re happy to accommodate your needs and we’ll never adjust our tactics to fully satisfy our clients. If you want something done in a different way, we’ll do whatever is possible to ensure it is carried out in the way that you prefer.

Our company will work on your schedule. Plus, we’ll follow any special instructions that you deliver. We’ll do whatever we can to get rid of those bedbugs or rodents on your terms!

Why We’re The Best Exterminator In Milwaukee

We are without a doubt the best exterminator in Milwaukee. We’ve done everything humanly possible to perfect our service over the years. We’ve gone to great lengths to put together the best solution for each of our clients. Below, you will learn more about the massive perks of choosing us as your exterminator.

  • Our team takes an individualistic approach to each client. We’ll analyze your problems before attempting to find a good solution.
  • Our prices are actually affordable. We offer quotes to ensure that client gets a good price and an even better service.
  • Each of our exterminators have been put through extensive training. You can guarantee that they’ll be able to rectify your problem with maximum convenience and total efficiency.
  • We’re happy to cater to our client’s unique needs. We will work around your clock and get the problem done with haste.
  • We are more than capable of doing it all. We offer exterminations, inspections, tips, and advice. When you’re discovered a bedbug problem, we’ll be there to help you.
  • We’re licensed and comprehensively insured. We’ll cover the costs should anything go awry at any point during the procedure.

Ready To Eliminate Those Bugs?

Our company is more than ready to begin helping you. We actually want to keep the client satisfied and we want to restore your life to normalcy. We would be honored, if you selected us as your Milwaukee exterminator. We’ll do whatever we can to help you take back your home from those filthy critters. Get in touch with our firm today to see what we can do for you and your family.

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