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Carpenter Ants

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Professional Carpenter Ant Pest Control Milwaukee WI

A carpenter ant meets the criteria to be classified a “stinging insect”. The classification is utilized in reference to insect species with stinging capabilities. The wasp, carpenter bee, hornet, honeybee, bumblebee, wasp, and mud dauber are classified as stinging insects as well. There is one primary reason why most stinging insects sting. Stinging insects sting when they are provoked. The provocation does not necessarily need to be intentional, the insect just needs to believe it is intentional. Carpenter ants are different, in that they are a non-aggressive insect species, excluding the fire ant, which has an aggressive demeanor.

Why Have Ants Infiltrated My Kitchen?

Carpenter ants invade residential and commercial establishments with one thing in mind. We recommend assessing your property before moving forward. In many cases, there is generally more than a single ant colony. Contrary to belief, an ant’s biggest predator is a rival ant. In fact, ants can build an underground network of tunnels only a short distance from the rival ant colony’s underground tunnel network. When this happens, a fight for food will be initiated, resulting in infiltration of your home and some or all of the homes in your neighborhood.

Do Ants Transmit Disease To Humans?

The carpenter ant is not known to bite, excluding the fire ant. An ant bite would not result in a life-threatening situation, but a minor allergic reaction. Ants have been associated with food- and water-borne illnesses. When you consider the ant diet consists of everything from roadkill to hospital waste, it will open your eyes to the danger of an ant infestation. To make matters far worse for the victims, the ant has the intention of infiltrating non-perishable food products stored in vulnerable manufacturing paperboard and plastic packagings.

How Can I Eradicate Ants In My Dining Room?

Carpenter ant infiltration of residential and commercial establishments like diners, cafes, and food trucks pose health risks to all involved parties. It is important to note, the ants responsible for infiltrating your home are not alone. They are part of a larger colony living along the perimeter of your property.

Large carpenter ant colonies need a strong extermination approach. This approach is no other than our professional ant control. Our exterminators treat every infiltration by ants very seriously. The process is initiated with a visual inspection of the supposedly ant-infested property. From here, the exterminator utilizes the data collected during the inspection to devise a doable, realistic, and affordable extermination plan.

Ant Colony Cycle

They can offer some relief, but minimal at best. The carpenter ant queen is continuously breeding. In fact, she can lay up to 2,500 eggs daily in controlled environments. It takes between one to two weeks for ant eggs to hatch and another few months to mature. Winged swarmers are both male and female. As reproductive members of the ant colony, winged swarmers leave their colonies behind upon maturity. The winged swarmers set out on a mission to develop a new ant colony in a secure location.

This cycle continues forever or until the queen dies, which is about 10 years in most cases. After the queen’s death, the colony will continue as usual. Unfortunately, it is downhill from here for the colony because there is no queen to reproduce.

Will Over-The-Counter Ant Insecticides Off Any Relief

Professional pest control is the most effective ant control strategy. It combines a powerful pesticide with adhesive carpenter ant traps. The trap has a layer of adhesive that captures ants as they pass by. Most glue traps can help several dozens of ants, at which time, you will need to dispose of it, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Should I Invest In DIY Ant Control Products?

If your budget is severely limited, over-the-counter pesticides are an option. However, you can expect the outcome to not be as extensive as professional pest control. In fact, it may take several trips to the local home & garden or big-box store to purchase more over-the-counter ant insecticides. Even so, these low potency pesticide formulas will probably not offer 100 percent full eradication of the ant colony.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Ant Inspection Service Request In Milwaukee?

Our pest control service request processing takes between 24 and 48 hours. We will contact you once your request is processed to set up an appointment for the inspection. We suggest a date that will mesh with your schedule to avoid any potential confusion.

Do Pest Control Products Contain Environmentally-Unfriendly Chemicals?

It is a fact, some pesticide formulas contain chemicals that pose environmental risks. Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Milwaukee exterminators have access to reliable, effective, and safe pesticides from approved manufacturers. As long as EPA-approved pesticides are administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations and the home is ant-infested home is vacant, it is possible to eliminate all chemical exposure risks. Special precautions are taken to protect the environment throughout the professional pest control process.

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