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Professional Ant Pest Control Milwaukee WI

The ant is a tiny Formicidae species. The Formicidae family is characterized by a gland that generates “phenylacetic acid.” The organic compound with antimicrobial properties. Ants utilize phenylacetic acid to keep other insect species out of their epiphyte gardens. Ants build their gardens above ground in trees, even their tunneling system is underground.

The queen, winged and wingless swarmers, soldiers, and workers make up the ant colony. Each member’s responsibilities help maintain the colony. For example, solider ants spend the majority of their time fighting off predatory insects and alerting the colony when an anteater is in the vicinity. These are very big responsibilities that soldiers do not take lightly. In fact, soldier ants die in battle every time they come up against their enemies.

Why Are Ants Foraging for Food In My Kitchen?

It seems you have done your homework. Yes, worker ants forage for food when they are not erecting and maintaining their network of tunnels and nests. Food is essential for an ant colony, especially the queen and her young. The ant queen has an average lifespan of 10 years when food is readily available. Ant larva needs a specific amount of protein daily to mature into healthy pupa and eventually, a healthy adult ant. It is the ant workers’ responsibility to keep the colony’s food supply stocked.

When food is scarce in their natural habitat, worker and winged swarmer ants will look elsewhere, in many cases, elsewhere is a residential establishment. Small holes in damaged window frames, air conditioner ducts, and entrance door thresholds are gateways from the exterior to the interior of your home.

Do Ants Spread Diseases To Children And Seniors?

Ants do spread disease through contaminants that attach to their bodies throughout their travels. They also ingest contaminated edibles, which are evacuated from the body through fecal matter. The contaminated fecal droppings are spread along paths the ants take when traveling to and from food supplies. Ants also drop their feces in their victims’ food supply, which when ingested can lead to foodborne illnesses, such as E. coli and Shigella.

What Is The Most Effective Ant Management Strategy?

Ant colonies can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of members that are sent out in different directions to perform their very important job duties. An infestation means ants are inside, outside, and everywhere in the nearby vicinity since they are not known to stir too far away from their colonies.

Professional pest control is the solution for mild, moderate, and severe ant infestations.

Will DIY Ant Control Work For Infestations?

Hardly, do-it-yourself pest control generally combines over-the-counter standard pesticides and glue traps. These pest control products combined together are not always strong enough to eradicate a full ant infestation, maybe a few dozen ants, but not an infestation of ants.

Fortunately, ants are not planning to hang out in your home forever. Unlike cockroaches, ants infiltrate homes beginning in the late spring and ending in late fall. During their stay in the victim’s home, ants are foraging for food to take back to the colony. When fall nears an end, the ants retire to their underground tunneling systems in preparation for overwintering, an insect dormant state similar to hibernation.

Should I Be Worried About Pesticide Exposure?

Public awareness has brought a lot of attention to chemical pesticides over the last few years. Most public awareness ads warn consumers about the dangers of chemical-based pesticides. The chemicals utilized in pesticides do pose human, animal, and environmental health risks. To minimize these risks, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) devised a set of guidelines that require manufacturers to obtain approval before their pesticides can enter the US market.

EPA-approved pest control products are available in land-based big-box, home & garden, and hardware stores, as well as through designated online vendors.

How Do I Know If The Exterminator Is On Schedule To Do My Ant Inspection?

The exterminator will contact you via phone or text to alert you of his upcoming arrival on appointment day. Our licensed exterminators are professional and always on time unless an emergency arises. You will be notified of any unexpected incidences to ensure all parties are on the same page throughout the appointment day.

Do I Need Special Equipment To Protect My Milwaukee Home From A Repeat Ant Infestation?

No, you just need to contact our local office in Milwaukee to inquire about our ant prevention service. However, we do suggest eliminating all ant entry points into your home, utilizing a waterproof caulk or silicone.

We also recommend updating your non-perishable food storage system. Storing non-refrigerated food in the original manufacturing packaging – paperboard and plastic – is a major no-no. Transitioning from vulnerable paperboard to glass, stainless steel, or BPA-free hard plastic containers with resealable lids will prevent infiltration in the future.

We offer ant inspection, consultation, and written quotes per request.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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