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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentOur technicians can use conventional treatments to eliminate bedbugs. Some of our clients do not like conventional treatments such as pesticides, but others do. With that being said, we offer several unique bedbug treatments. We offer eco-friendly treatments and conventional treatments. If you wish to kill the bugs with pesticides, we can help. Researchers with Purdue University studied the effectiveness of pesticides for eliminating bedbugs.

The researchers found that the exterminator would need to treat the home several times with a week wait in between. If they follow this advice, they can eliminate bedbugs using pesticides. Our company takes this one step further.

  • In general, we visit our client’s home three times
  • The technician examines, inspects, and treats the home during the first two visits
  • During the last visit, they’ll check for bedbugs
  • If bedbugs are found during the last visit, we’ll treat the home again
  • We guarantee success by waiting a week or so between visits

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