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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does that Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Once bedbugs have invaded your home, there is a risk that you’re going to find a few of them in your dwelling. However, you have to remember that bedbugs are stealthy and smart. Therefore, they’re going to remain hidden until you go to sleep. Once this happens, they’ll come out to suck your blood. Another thing to know about bedbugs is that they usually do not travel alone. These pests travel in large groups. If you’ve found a few bedbugs in your home, call for help.

There are likely a lot more hiding around the corner. Before hiring a local pest control company, do your homework. Research these companies until you find the best one for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to compare prices until you get the best deal.

The Risks Of Two Bedbugs

You may suspect that a few bedbugs won’t be a huge deal. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Several bedbugs can be a major issue for you and your loved ones. You may believe that you can ignore this problem, but you shouldn’t. Doing so will lead to major issues in the future. Remember that bedbugs do not travel along. If you ignore what you see, there is a risk that the problem is going to worsen with time. Plus, you might have spotted a pregnant female bedbug.

If so, it is only a matter of time before she gives birth and the infestation spirals out of control. Suffice to say, it is best to address the problem immediately.

Bedbugs Are Difficult To Spot

You have to understand that bedbugs are difficult to spot. They’re not going to show themselves during the middle of the day. When you sleep at night, the bugs will come out and suck your blood. Bedbugs are difficult to spot because they often stay hidden until you’re sleeping. Furthermore, they know where to hide so they won’t be detected. They’ll hide on bed frames, furniture, and mattresses. You won’t be able to find them unless you know where to look.

While they bite, their bites do not always lead to welts. They might but they sometimes don’t.

Bedbug Appearance

You’ll want to make sure it is a bedbug by judging the pest’s appearance. Is it less than 10mm in length? Does it have an oval-shaped body and reddish-brown hue? These pests have small antennas and six legs. They’re often mistaken for fleas, carpet beetles, and cockroach nymphs.

Common Signs Of Bedbugs

It is pertinent to find out how to identify a bedbug infestation. Use the tips below to identify a problem.

  • Blood – It is wise to check your mattress, box spring, and covers for bloodstains. When bedbugs eat and get crushed, they’ll leave bloodstains on these items
  • Exoskeletons – When bedbugs shed skin, they’re going to leave exoskeletons around your home. They look like bedbugs but they’re clear.
  • Egg Materials – Don’t forget to check for egg materials. Bedbugs lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, they leave egg casings around your home.
  • Feces – Bedbugs leave dark, black feces around homes. Their feces resembles ink spots.
  • Bite Wounds – You may find bite marks on your skin. In general, bedbugs leave red welts on faces, arms, legs, and backs.
  • Odor – Finally, you’ll want to check for a foul odor. Bedbugs create a musty, sweet odor that smells similar to soda.

Searching A Home For Bedbugs

Homeowners must find out how to search through a home for bedbugs. You never know when an infestation is going to happen so it is best to be ready for anything. For instance, you should know where and how to look. Knowing how to search a home will make a huge difference in the long run. Since most bedbugs hide on mattresses and box springs, it is wise to start there. Remember that these pests are going to stay close to you so they can feed easily when you go to sleep.

Remove all covers, sheets, quilts, and pillowcases. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to carefully check both sides of the mattress. Check the folds carefully to ensure that the mattress doesn’t have bedbugs. Once you’ve finished here, you’ll want to check the bed frame, baseboards, and electrical sockets. It is helpful to use a flashlight and card to search around small cracks and gaps.

When To Call A Professional

Ultimately, it is a good idea to work with a qualified professional. Although you can eliminate some bedbugs, you can’t get rid of the infestation. You can use a dryer to kill some of the pests. You’ll also want to experiment with bedbug mattress covers. Both of these tools can help. However, you’ll need to hire a professional to get rid of bedbugs hiding elsewhere in the home.

It is wise to call a professional as soon as you notice a problem. Be sure to research the professionals in your area and obtain quotes. Doing so can help you get the best service and price.

Common Questions

Could It Be One Bedbug?

You might be dealing with one bedbug, but it could be more. It is wise to take the problem seriously because it is likely worse than you can imagine. Hire a professional to deal with it.

What Should I Do?

It is best to contact a professional exterminator immediately. They can help identify the scope of the problem and take care of it.

How Many Bedbugs Are Required For An Infestation?

There is no set number. An infestation could contain a few hundred bedbugs or thousands. When you find any bedbugs in your home, call a professional. Don’t worry about the number because it is likely worse than you could imagine.

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