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Carpenter Bees

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Professional Carpenter Bee Pest Control Milwaukee Wisconsin

Here is another “stinging insect.” The main difference between the carpenter bee and other stinging insect species is they rarely sting. Scientists have contributed this to a timid demeanor. Only the female has stinging capabilities, which she only uses when provoked by what is believed to be a predator.

Carpenter bees also fit the classification “overwintering pest,” insect species that hibernate (overwinter) throughout the winter season and early spring. When the carpenter bee wakes up after months of overwintering, it starts preparing for the upcoming breeding season. Males and females mate and soon after, the male dies. The female continues forward, lays her eggs deep inside holes previously bored.

Why Is My Milwaukee Property Infested With Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are drawn to properties with decaying trees, standing and downed. The insects wake up from overwintering in the late fall to start breeding. Holes are bored into the decayed wood during nesting. Shortly afterward, the male dies, leaving the female to give birth on her own. She crawls deep inside the bored holes to lay her eggs. Her lifespan is about one year.

Carpenter bees damage wooden structures, but nothing compares to the damage caused by the insect’s biggest threat – the woodpecker. Woodpeckers can hear the larvae moving about in their nest. Carpenter bee larva is the woodpecker’s favorite food. Gaining access to the larvae hidden deep inside the wood is the difference between eating its favorite food and settling.

Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous?

Yes, carpenter bees are extremely dangerous. While the male does not have stinging capabilities, he will attack what is believed to be a predator by swooping down and ramming. The female does have stinging capabilities that she rarely uses. Her timid demeanor keeps her from stinging as often as the yellowjacket, wasp, and hornet. We do not recommend trying to eradicate carpenter bees without the property safety gear and pest control experience.

What Is The Safest Carpenter Bee Pest Control Strategy Utilized By Exterminators?

Professional carpenter bee management is utilized by exterminators across the United States. Our professional carpenter bee control utilizes industrial-strength insecticides. This high-quality, innovative pest control strategy offers superior coverage, regardless of severity and location.

To learn more about our professional pest control services, phone our exterminators in Milwaukee. When you get the pest control expert on the phone, be sure to inquire about our carpenter bee inspection, consultation, and written estimate, all of which are available through an appointment only.

Is DIY Pest Control Safe When Dealing With Carpenter Bees?

We do not recommend DIY pest control for stinging insects, including the carpenter bee. While carpenter bees are solitary insects, an infestation is still possible. Unlike other female stinging insects, the carpenter bee shares her nests with other females. This is odd behavior that is not exhibited by other stinging insects. When you consider, multiple females are sharing the same nest, DIY pest control is out of the question.

How Do I Schedule A Carpenter Bee Consultation With A Licensed Exterminator?

By contacting our office in Milwaukee, you can connect with one of the best exterminators in Milwaukee. The professional can help you determine the best course of action for your carpenter bee problem. We need at least 24 hours to process your consultation service request. You are permitted to choose an appointment day that will not interrupt your work, school, or personal schedule.

Do Carpenter Bee Insecticides Contain Harmful Ingredients?

It depends on the formula. Chemical pesticides, for example, contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment when the manufacturer’s directions are ignored. It is crucial to read the pest control product label thoroughly before the first use. Remember, each pesticide product label is unique with step-by-step directions recommendations.

Our pest control products consist of EPA-approved brands. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for overseeing pesticide manufacturing and sales in the United States.

How Do I Protect My Milwaukee Property From A Repeat Carpenter Bee Infiltration?

By removing all decayed trees from your property. We do not recommend tree removal until your property is declared carpenter bee-free by our exterminators. We highly recommend educating family members, neighbors, and visitors about the dangers of carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees are dangerous when provoked. Stay away from the infested area until our exterminators say it is free of carpenter bees.

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