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Professional Beetle Pest Control Milwaukee Wisconsin

Beetles come in all sizes and colors. There are vivid red, pink, blue, green, yellow, and multi-colored beetle species. If you ever encounter a beetle, you will know it. The beetle has poor vision, but the antennas make up for it. The insect relies on its antennas to detect humidity, sounds, flight speed, temperature (cold and hot), wind direction, taste, touch, and scent.

The most commonly reported beetle sightings in Wisconsin are the longhorn, ground, and powder post species. Know the physical characteristics of these beetle species to ensure easy identification.

What Is My Milwaukee Home Infested With Beetles?

Adult beetles enter the dormant state of overwintering beginning in late fall or early winter. Overwintering is an important process that protects beetles and other impacted insect species from extinction due to months of harsh winter weather exposure.

Beetles are drawn to properties with decaying piles of firewood and lumber, trees, tree stumps, downed trees, branches, and yard debris. Porch lighting is also attractive to beetles.

What Is The Safest Pest Control Strategy For Beetle Infiltration?

There are two main types of pest control utilized to eradicate beetles. DIY pest control utilizes over-the-counter pesticides, which are the standard low potency formula. Professional pest control, on the other hand, utilizes industrial-strength pesticides. You decide which option is going to work best for your beetle infiltration.

Will DIY Pest Control Offer Relief From Beetle Infestation?

No, over-the-counter pest control will offer little to no relief from beetle infestation. It is important to note, pest control products sold over the counter are standard-grade, with minimal effect for the infestation of beetles.

If your limited budget is holding you back from investing in professional pest control, you may be surprised to know that DIY may end up costing more in the long run. How is this possible? When you consider professional pest control averages on two individual industrial-strength pesticide treatments, compared to three, four, or even more standard-grade pesticide treatments.

Be sure to take advantage of our free beetle control inspection, available by appointment only.

When Can I Schedule A Beetle Inspection Appointment In Milwaukee?

We are open Monday through Friday and some weekends. Contact our Milwaukee office to inquire about our work hours. Our pest control services are same-day, emergency, and appointment only. We need up to 48 hours to process all beetle control services.

Do Beetle Pesticides Have Dangerous Chemicals?

Conventional pesticide formulas consist of potentially harmful ingredients – endosulfan, chlordane, atrazine, aldrin/dieldrin, and chlordecone. These chemicals have been connected to various types of cancer. If you are concerned about chemicals, we highly recommend natural chemicals, such as Diatomaceous Earth and mineral oil, and neem oil spray.

Is Professional Beetle Control Affordable for Consumers With A Limited Budget?

We believe professional beetle control is affordable when compared to standard pesticides that require more trips to the big-box or home & garden store for more OTC pesticides. Our professional beetle management is not only affordable, it is accessible, efficient, and effective. Do not hesitate to inquire about our pest control services that combine high-quality pesticides or insecticides with routine visual inspections to ensure maximum effectiveness.

What Can I Do To Protect My Milwaukee Home From A Repeat Beetle Infiltration?

By sealing all exterior-to-interior beetle access points into your home. We highly recommend a high-quality waterproof caulk or silicone. These create a perfect seal to keep beetles in their natural habitat and out of your home.

Some beetle species are “pantry pests,” insects that infiltrate pantries in search of non-perishable food products stored in vulnerable manufacturing packaging. Beetle-borne illnesses related to contaminated food and water cause upset stomach, low-grade fever, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

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