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Most Milwaukee residents have heard about bedbugs. These pests are commonly found across our area so there is a good chance that you’re going to encounter them at some point. The good news is that bedbugs aren’t dangerous or deadly. However, they can create immense problems for you and your loved ones. Once they’ve invaded your home, call our office so we can put together a plan to remove them.

Reasons For Bedbugs

Ultimately, bedbugs tend to invade homes because they’re searching for human blood. These pests are parasites. As a result, they consume blood from people and pets. They will invade your home because it allows them to access your blood around the clock. Just remember that they can enter your home using numerous channels. First, they might hide on used furniture and clothes you’ve purchased. Once the used items have entered your home, the bedbugs will find a place to hide. Bedbugs can also invade a home after your stay at a motel. Bedbugs from the motel room could climb into your luggage and go home with you.

Finally, these pests can sometimes travel from one dwelling to another.

How Dangerous Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are not physically dangerous. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them biting you and making you sick. They do not transmit deadly illnesses. However, they can create other issues. For instance, they’re going to create an incredibly stressful situation. Since you know they’re going to bite you at night, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably. You’ll find yourself on edge. Just remember that these pests aren’t deadly. Still, it is a good idea to contact an exterminator to get rid of them immediately.

Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Thankfully, several techniques can effectively get rid of bedbugs. For instance, you’ll want to work with us to fix the problem swiftly. Remember that we offer bedbug canine inspections. By using this service, you can identify the infestation sooner so it can be dealt with before it spirals out of control. We offer several treatment options, including manual services, heat treatments, and fumigation. More about these treatments can be found below.


We offer manual bedbug removal services. Many of our clients prefer this method because it can eliminate bedbugs without needing to use pesticides. We recommend using manual services when you need to immediately remove bedbugs from a room in your home. The only downside associated with this method is that you’ll need to prepare extensively before our exterminator arrives.


Ultimately, heat is one of the best ways to deal with bedbugs in residential buildings. It can heat the entire so it will kill all bedbugs with just one visit. Little is required of the client so you can relax while we take care of it. Just remember that you will need to stay away from your home until we finished. In general, our exterminators will not use chemicals with our bedbug heat treatments.


Finally, we also offer fumigation services. We prefer using this method when dealing with large infestations. Although it is okay for residential buildings, it is best for commercial structures. All residents or tenants will need to evacuate and stay away from the building for 24 to 48 hours. We’ll contact you and let you know when it is okay to return. Vikane is used to ensure that we can eliminate bedbugs with fumigation.

Doing It Alone

You might be able to eliminate some bedbugs on your own. However, there is a slim chance that you’ll be able to wipe out the entire infestation. With that being said, we recommend working with a professional. With their eco-friendly treatments, they can likely eliminate the pests in one visit. If you reside in or around Milwaukee, contact our office and work with us.

Safer Methods

We strive to use safer methods when eliminating bedbug infestations. We always try to use natural products to fix the problem. Regardless, our exterminators rely on EPA-registered products to guarantee satisfactory, safe results. When you’re ready to fix the problem, call our office.


You’re likely worried about the costs of our services. You shouldn’t be. When possible, we offer standard pricing. As a result, the price will depend on the size of your home. Our technician will give you a bid price before eliminating the bugs in your home.

Preventing Bedbugs

Remember to be careful when staying at motels. Take your time and choose a clean motel. Also, be hesitant about purchasing used items since they may contain bedbugs.

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