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Box Elder Bugs

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Professional Box Elder Bug Pest Control Milwaukee WI

Boxelder bugs have physical characteristics – black wings outlined in bright red – utilized for identification purposes. Wisconsin exterminators identify box elder bugs through the aforementioned physical characteristics. We highly recommend doing the same. Once you have identified the box elder bug, you should not face any issues in the future doing the same. In fact, most witnesses never forget the box elder bug’s identifying characteristics.

The adult grows up to 0.5 inches in length. The diet consists of sap from maple, ash, box elder, and cherry tree species.

Why Is My Garage Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bug species meet the criteria to be classified as an “overwintering pest,” insects that spend the winter and early spring seasons in a dormant state. Overwintering allows box elder bugs and other likewise insect species to survive on minimal nutrients that originate from stored fats.

Garage infiltration by box elder bugs is contributed to vulnerable structural components of a home. These structural components include cracked foundations, vents, heat pump ductwork, entrance door thresholds, window frames, soffit, and vinyl siding.

Is Box Elder Bug Exposure Dangerous To Humans?

No, box elder bugs do not transmit diseases or parasites to humans. These insects do not feed following home infiltration. So, there is no risk of foodborne illness linked to contaminants from the bodies of box elder bugs.

The box elder bug has been known to bite, resulting in a minor allergic reaction. Another notable feature of the box elder bug is a foul odor related to pyridine secretion. Boxelder bugs have glands that generate the secretion as part of a safety mechanism.

How Do I Eradicate Box Elder Bugs After Home Infiltration?

Milwaukee consumers have two options when it comes to beetle infiltration of commercial and residential establishments. These options include professional and do-it-yourself pest management or extermination. Professional pest management utilizes maximum potency pesticides, while do-it-yourself pest control utilizes over-the-counter low potency pesticide formulas.

We combine our high-quality, EPA-approved pest control products with adhesive box elder bug traps and routine visual inspections by a licensed exterminator.

Should I Try DIY Box Elder Bug Pesticides As The First Course Of Action?

If it is determined, you are dealing with box elder bug infiltration, instead of an infestation, do-it-yourself pest control may offer some relief. However, DIY will do nothing, other than eradicate a couple dozen box elder bugs.

DIY pesticides are available at land-based big-box and home & garden stores. The standard low potency pest control products may wipe out a few handfuls of box elder bugs within a few days of home infiltration.

Are Box Elder Bug Insecticides Dangerous?

Chemical insecticides and pesticides with chemicals are dangerous in long-term exposure cases. Exterminators and pest control technicians can handle chemical-based pesticides up to six days a week. These professionals are responsible for treating box elder bug-infested commercial and residential establishments.

To minimize the risk of chemical pesticide exposure for our clients and their family, friends, and pets, we refuse to treat occupied homes.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home In Milwaukee?

Our Milwaukee will dispatch an exterminator to your home within 24 and 48 hours of the initial service request. Our exterminators are prompt, courteous, and professional.

How Can I Prevent My Family From Dealing With A Repeat Box Elder Infestation?

Sealing all exterior-to-interior openings utilized by box elder bugs and other insect species to infiltrate residential and commercial establishments. This can be done in a timely manner, utilizing a waterproof sealant like silicone. Repair or replace damaged structural components of your home.

It is also recommended to never leave non-screened windows and doors open and unattended, even if it means airing out your home. Boxelder bugs will patiently wait for the perfect opportunity to infiltrate homes.

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