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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs pose unique risks. Plus, bedbugs are incredibly difficult to eliminate. The issue is that bedbugs know how to hide and often remain undetected for months and months. Most homeowners do not realize they have a problem until the infestation has worsened. When the bedbugs begin crawling around your home freely, you likely have thousands of bedbugs in your home. Knowing where they hide will make it easier to identify and fix the problem before it turns your life upside down.

Below, you’ll find out about the common hiding places of bedbugs.

Frequent Hiding Places

Bedbugs can hide anywhere in your home. However, they prefer the following hiding places.

Mattresses & Box Springs

These pests are incredibly smart and stealthy. Plus, they want to stay as close to their food source as possible. With this in mind, you’re going to find bedbugs on your mattress and box spring. They hide here because they want to be able to access your blood quickly. Hiding on the mattress allows them to suck your blood in minutes. They can hide on both sides of the box spring and mattress.

On Your Bed Frame

Bedbugs often hide on bed frames. As the infestation worsens, the bedbugs will need to spread throughout the home. They’ll move from the mattress to the bed frame. If the frame is brown, bedbugs will blend in with it. Unfortunately, this will make them harder to find and eliminate. Use a light to check all cracks and corners of the bed frame.

Covers & Sheets

Don’t forget to check the covers and sheets on your bed. The pests tend to hide on these items when the infestation has worsened. When they hide on your sheets and covers, they’ll be easier to see. Throw these items in the dryer and use the heat to kill the bugs.


You likely have carpets and rugs in your home. If you do, these items likely contain bedbugs are well. If they do, you’ll want to do what you can to find out where they’re hiding so you can get rid of them. Use your hand to search through the fibers of the carpets or rugs. You may see bedbugs at the bottom between the fibers.

Couches, Chairs, & Other Furniture

Your bedroom likely has chairs and other furniture. You may sit in a chair in your bedroom before going to bed. Be careful because the chair might contain bedbugs. These pests can hide between the pillows on couches and chairs. They’ll also slip between the cushions. Finally, bedbugs are going to hide under the furniture. You may need to flip the furniture over to find out what is hiding under it.

You’ve learned about the most common hiding places of bedbugs. Just remember that they can hide in strange places too.

Odd Hiding Places For Bedbugs

Bedbugs can hide in many places around your home. Below, you’ll find out about some of their odd hiding places.


Bedbugs tend to hide in luggage and suitcases. You’ll usually find bedbugs in your bag after you’ve returned from a vacation. You stayed in a motel with bedbugs and they climbed inside of your luggage. You brought them home and the bugs are going to find another place to hide. They’ll climb out of the luggage and hide elsewhere. When returning from a trip, it is wise to dry your clothes using the dryer’s hottest setting.

Hanging Decorations

Most homes have hanging decorations because they’re beautiful. You might have oil paintings, acrylic paintings, or photographs hanging on your walls. Unfortunately, bedbugs could be hiding in these items. You’ll need to check behind these items because bedbugs could be hiding there.

Nearby Novels

Who doesn’t love a good book? You have to be careful when putting books near your bed because bedbugs could hide in them. They can slip into the small gap between the binding and spine. They’ll also hide beneath the protective cover.

Bedbug Nightstand

You likely have a nightstand next to your bed because it allows you to store clothes and other items. However, bedbugs could hide in the nightstand. They’ll hide in the drawers, on the legs, and under the nightstand.

Electronic Devices

Finally, you’ll need to check the electronic devices in your bedroom. Bedbugs can hide in many electronic devices. Most of these devices contain small gaps and plenty of space inside. An alarm clock would be a perfect example of this. Bedbugs will be able to enter the alarm clock and live inside until they need to come out and eat.

Don’t ignore the items stored under your bed. If you have storage boxes under your bed, pests could be hiding there as well. Prevent this from happening by using airtight containers. Don’t forget to contact an exterminator. A professional exterminator can help you deal with the problem quickly.

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