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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

A lot of people enjoy the idea of traveling the world and getting away from their responsibilities. You likely fit into this category. However, you should know that traveling the world and staying in motel rooms could lead to problems. Some motels contain bedbugs and those pests could travel home with you. It is pertinent to prevent this from happening. To avoid potential problems, use the advice provided below.

Careful Survey

When first entering a motel room, most people will be eager to toss their bags on the ground and jump directly into the bed. It is pertinent to avoid doing this because the room may contain bedbugs. If it does, you have to remember that those bugs could climb into your luggage. They might invade your luggage and you could take them home with you. Prevent this from happening by carefully surveying the room. If you see a lot of bedbugs crawling around the room, the infestation is severe and you’ll want to switch motels.

In-Depth Search

Before getting comfortable, it is wise to perform a thorough inspection of the room to make sure it is free of bedbugs. If you don’t check the room carefully, there is a risk that bedbugs will be hiding under the mattress or on the bed frame. Take the time to flip the mattress and search both sides. If you find bedbugs on either side, it is time to ask for a refund. Bedbugs can travel from one room to another so it is a good idea to switch motels.

Protect Your Luggage

If bedbugs climb into your luggage, you’ll end up taking them home with you. Remember that these can climb furniture legs and walls. Take steps to prevent bedbugs from entering your luggage. Elevating your luggage by using the room’s luggage rack is highly recommended. Don’t place the rack near walls or furniture. Instead, put it in the center of the room.

Return & Check Your Luggage

When you return home, you’ll likely want to rush inside and relax. Don’t because you might bring bedbugs with you. Instead, you’ll want to carefully check your luggage before going inside. It is a good idea to place your luggage in the garage or utility room before searching it. Check your luggage thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t contain bugs.

Killing Them In The Dryer

Finally, you’ll want to eliminate any bedbugs hiding on your clothes and luggage. A quick and efficient way to do that is by using your dryer. A dryer produces significant heat that can kill bedbugs. Make sure the dryer is switched to the hottest setting. Let your clothes dry for 15 minutes or longer to kill the bugs.

If bedbugs find a way inside, call a professional exterminator to fix the problem immediately.

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