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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

It is wise to find ways to deal with a bedbug infestation when you experience one. You can’t predict the future so you never know when bedbugs are going to invade your home. You’ll want to prepare so you can be ready for potential problems. One way to prepare for such issues is by purchasing a bedbug mattress cover. Using this product will make a difference, but it won’t wipe out an infestation. More about bedbug mattress protectors will be provided below.

Where Bedbugs Hide

It is pertinent to understand that bedbugs can hide on your mattress. They prefer staying as close to you as possible. Staying on the mattress ensures that they’ll have quick and easy access to their food source. Research has shown that 90% of bedbugs in an infestation will hide on the mattress or box spring. If you can find a way to fix the problem at its source, you’ll make it easier to deal with. Bedbugs can hide on both sides of the mattress. Using a mattress cover is a good way to kill many of the bedbugs in your home, but it may not kill all of them.

Bedbug Mattress Protectors

Many consumers have used bedbug mattress covers to eliminate bedbugs in their homes. Bedbug mattress covers are designed to cover the entire mattress or box spring. Furthermore, the product will feature a zipper to ensure it can be zipped shut and secured. Once this happens, the pests will no longer be able to escape the mattress or access it. Mattress protectors for bedbugs are helpful because they will stop bedbugs from eating. In general, they will die within a few weeks.

Choosing The Best Bedbug Mattress Cover

Don’t purchase one of these products until you know what you’re doing. Go to great lengths to ensure that you get a high-quality mattress cover that will work great for you.

Fully Covered

First and foremost, you need an encasement that will fully cover the mattress. If it doesn’t fully cover the mattress, the bedbugs will still be able to access and leave the mattress. It won’t be bedbug-proof, but a full encasement will be.

Correctly Sealed

You need a mattress protector that will create a proper, reliable seal. If it doesn’t, it is going to rip, tear, or break. When the cover’s zipper breaks, bedbugs will be able to enter and exit freely. Suffice to say, the mattress cover won’t help unless it fully seals around the mattress. It must create a tight seal to guarantee its effectiveness.

Testing & Approvals

A highly effective mattress cover will be tested and approved by licensed entomologists. If the bedbug mattress protector hasn’t been tested, you’re gambling with your money. To ensure that you’re going to be happy with the product, choose one that has been properly tested.

No Dangerous Chemicals

Finally, you should avoid products that contain dangerous chemicals. The mattress cover is going to be close to your body and face at night. Toxic materials can help eliminate bedbugs but they’re dangerous. It is best to avoid mattress protectors that contain potentially harmful products.

Effectiveness Of Bedbug Mattress Encasements

Most experts will highly recommend using bedbug mattress protectors. These products can make it easier to deal with a full-blown bedbug infestation. Using a bedbug mattress cover ensures that you can eliminate the bedbugs hiding on your mattress. These pests will be trapped so they cannot feed. As a result, they’re going to starve to death within weeks. Just remember that you also have to worry about the other bedbugs in your home.

To get rid of those bedbugs, hire an exterminator and wipe them out.

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