Milwaukee WI

What You Need To Know Before Visiting Milwaukee


Are you thinking about venturing on a trip to the great city of Milwaukee? Well, why wouldn’t you, there are tons of exciting tourist attractions that anyone can enjoy. The sate might be known as the beer capital of the world, but it really does so much more to offer. However, before you just pack up the family and start heading in that general direction there are a few things that you need to know about the city.

Join In On The Conversation


Being that it is the beer capital of the world, you will likely find yourself in a bar at some point. That being said, there will likely be some patron that ventures up to you and starts a conversation. This is not because they are trying to get one over on you or nose in your business. Milwaukeeans are just that nice and they will be generally interested in learning your story.


The Best Things In Life Are Free


If you happen to be in city on the first Thursday of the month you and the family should certainly stop by the Milwaukee Art Museum. Not only will the admission be free, but also you can catch a glimpse of the Burke Brise Soleil with its wings open. Given that the weather permits and you are here at noon you can snap some shots with this iconic piece of work. The Burke Brise Soleil is a moveable wing-like structure that rests on the top of the museum.


Take Some Brewery Tours


Given the city is known for its beer production, you will without a doubt want to take some brewery tours. Learn how fine beer is crafted and distilled from the beginning to the end. There will be no shortage of tours to choose from, but any local will tell you to start with the Lakefront Brewery. Not only are the guides filled with witty banter, but also there will be tons of delicious sampling throughout the tour.

Take Advantage Of The MKE App


Parking can sometimes be a hassle in Milwaukee. Not only will it be hard to find spots for certain attractions, but if you aren’t careful you will end up getting tons of parking tons or you might even get towed. This is why you need to download the MKE Park App. You can download this device on any Apple or Android device and it will literally save your tons of money and the hassle of dealing with the parking authorities.

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